Conditions That Will Force You to Use Credit Card Transactions

In order to make transactions easier and more efficient, a credit card payment tool as is known today. The existence of this credit card to change one’s lifestyle in the transaction. People who used to often use cash transactions slowly switched to credit cards.

Only with one credit card, then the payment business will be completed in seconds. Every credit card user does not have to bother carrying a lot of cash when he wants to travel. For example, shopping centers, when traveling and so on.

Even so, anyone who has a credit card is not recommended to continuously use it without a good financial system. Because uncontrolled use can be bad for the financial. But if faced with certain situations, you certainly can not refuse to not use a credit card. Then, what are the situations? The following reviews have been summarized Good Finance from various sources.

When the desired item is discounted


Desired goods during this sudden discount? Without thinking, you will definitely buy the item even though the payment method must use a credit card. You consider this discount as luck and luck is not something that should be wasted. At least that’s what is in the mind and mind.

It’s legitimate if you want to use a credit card to enjoy attractive discounts. Just don’t use credit cards as a tool for impulsive shopping. Keep in mind the reasons or motives behind the desire to buy. Do not let the goods purchased are not used and only used as a display.

There is a certain amount of cashback

Who is not tempted by the cashback offered by credit cards? As many as 95% of people seem to be tempted and will be willing to use their credit cards to enjoy this cashback, especially if the amount of cashback can reach hundreds of thousands in one receipt. Just like a discount, cashback is believed to be effective in reducing expenses.

It’s just that the cashback given is limited because there are terms and conditions that apply. So, only certain people can get it. If you are included, it is natural to swipe a credit card even if it is a little heavy-hearted.

Entitled to get a lottery 

Entitled to get a lottery 

The intention to minimize the use of credit cards is likely to fail miserably if the issuing bank holds a lottery for each user who transacts with a credit card. This is reasonable because the prizes of each lottery are usually very attractive, even more, attractive than promos or discounts up to 90% offered by a merchant.

If the bank doesn’t limit the lottery numbers for each user, you will be happy to use as many credit cards as possible to get more lottery numbers. If necessary, you will borrow other family members’ credit cards to increase your chances of winning.

Not allowed to pay in cash

Cash payments are still valid for most stores in Indonesia. But, there are some stores that no longer serve cash payments, but only accept by debit card or credit card. If the debit card machine is damaged, inevitably have to use a credit card to pay for items that have been purchased from the store in question. If not, the item must not be taken home.

It is legitimate if you return the item you want to buy to its original place, but there is a sense of discomfort or shame because people see it. At times like this, credit cards will be very useful. So, always carry a credit card anywhere just in case.

Shopping on foreign websites

For those who like to shop, especially branded goods from abroad, a credit card will definitely be very useful to facilitate payment. Moreover, most websites abroad only provide payment instruments in the form of credit cards and even credit cards with a special logo. If the logo does not comply with the website policy, you are not permitted to complete the purchase. Very unfortunate, right?

Even more unfortunate if you don’t have a credit card at all. Want to borrow from someone else? Certainly shy and a little embarrassed. Logically, your time involving other people to facilitate online shopping activities? It would be better and efficient to use your own credit card.

A mediocre cash amount


One of the risks of paying cash is running out of money in a short time, especially for those of you who like to shop. Try to imagine if the money in the wallet runs out, you will find it difficult to buy an item, including daily necessities.

In the opposite condition, if the transaction is done with a credit card, you do not need to spend any money to buy any goods. This means that the amount of cash held will remain intact. Even if it is reduced, the shortage is not too significant or just buying other necessities of value.

Experiencing emergency matters

When things that are emergency occur, what will you do especially if the emergency requires a sizable cost, for example buying electronics such as laptops or washing machines, medicines and so on? Yes, most people will definitely rely on online loans. However, this loan can not be disbursed just like that but must go through a rather long process.

In this situation, a credit card would be the right choice. With one swipe, the immediate emergency needs that are being faced will be quickly resolved.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards don’t always have a negative impact on someone’s finances. In some aspects, a credit card will actually provide the maximum benefit for you.

Provided that with important notes that must be embedded in yourself, namely using a credit card wisely both from shopping needs to obey paying the installments until they are paid off. so that financial conditions will remain safe without having to feel afraid of debt that has not been paid.

Which Bank Can I Get Easy Loans?

Using the online channels of the specified banks, easy loan applications can be made quickly and loans can be withdrawn without the need to go to the bank branch.

Persons asking the question of which bank can I get a loan more easily or can make transactions through any of the above banks.  

Honest Bank Instant Good Credit Features

Honest Bank Instant Good Credit Features

Within the scope of Honest Bank’s easy loan campaign, 30 thousand USD limit loans can be withdrawn. There are no deductions for file costs and account management fees for the loan. The repayments of the loan can be divided into maturities up to 60 months.

It is considered sufficient for people who are not Honest Bank customers to make an appointment to apply for a loan. Bank employees come to the address specified by the appointments and complete their loan application procedures.

For the loan application, only e-government insurance service breakdown and credit rating risk reports are requested. Apart from these documents, it will be sufficient to sign the documents brought by bank officers.

We recommend you to read the article titled Good Credit?



Honest Bank needs to use online banking services to make easy loan applications. Within the scope of the Sean Cole campaign, a credit limit of up to 30 USD can be requested.

A loan allocation fee of 5% of the loan amount is charged. Up to 60 months maturity can be requested for payment of loan installments.

There is no obligation to be a bank customer to apply for Good Credit . Non-bank customers can complete the loan application by signing documents in the courier sent by Honest Bank.

Good Finance Online Easy Loan Application


Online banking services must be used to make GFI easy loan applications . During the credit application, no documents other than identity card and GFI service breakdown are requested. Within the scope of Good Credit, a credit limit of up to 30 thousand USD is opened for use.+6

A maximum of 60 months maturity can be requested for payments of credit installments. During loan usage, there is no deduction of file expense or loan allocation fee. Documents are sent by courier on behalf of non-bank customers and applicants are requested to sign these documents.

GFI Bank E-Credit Features and Application


GFI E-Credit application is made through internet banking or mobile banking applications . The upper limit of e-credit is determined as 50 thousand USD.

A maximum of 60 months’ maturity can be requested for repayments of credit installments. A loan allocation fee deduction of 5% of the loan amount is made.

No documents will be requested for the loan application except for the identity document and GFI service breakdown.

How to Pamper Yourself with a First Credit Card

The increase is in line with the improvement in the economic level of people in Indonesia or an improvement in the provision of wages or the country’s economy which is still well maintained. In fact, in the past, there was a perception that using a credit card made life wasteful because it could not be controlled.

Fortunately, the ease of reaching information that is supported by the sophistication of smartphones/gadgets and the speed of the internet is slowly opening the minds of many people to the positive values ​​of the use of widely-informed credit cards. Indirectly, this information influences to encourage many people to use credit cards.

Satisfying Tongues in the Most Popular Food Outlets

Satisfying Tongues in the Most Popular Food Outlets

For this one thing, on average no one can resist the delicious food. Each to the mall serving food in the pictures displayed never escapes the eye. Not to mention the aroma of food that is being cooked that goes into the nose and makes us tempted.

Then subconsciously makes your stomach growling. The desire was unbearable and be stopped by food outlets to simply satisfy the tongue with the taste of food.

Fortunately for you who have a credit card. There are several offers that can be obtained from the credit card you have. 

Feel the Holiday by Staying at a 3-Star Hotel

The main thing to look for on a vacation is a place to stay such as a hotel. Certainly did not want his vacation to be gloomy because the hotel chosen did not provide the expected comfort. So he didn’t sleep soundly. As a result, a holiday that originally intended to please yourself turned into disappointment just because of the matter of where to stay.

Have a plan for a vacation to Bali, but still looking for a hotel that is right (right in your heart and right in your pocket), now you don’t have to bother anymore. Simply by having a Good Finance Card First Card, you are entitled to a 15% discount for booking a room at Fourteen Roses Hotel Bali. If you plan to take lodging in Legian, Kuta, The One Legian may be your choice to stay. You get the 20% discount for stays at these places by using the Good Finance Card credit card.

Shopping Can Discount

Shopping Can Discount

Shopping has become an inseparable part of the behavior of many people. However, there are times when shopping becomes a delayed thing to do. Usually, the price is not suitable to be the main cause. No wonder many people hunt for discounts so they can shop for their desires. Whether it’s a discount on the price of clothes, smartphones, or household furniture.

Thrifty Recreation in the Bag

Nothing wrong if it makes recreation as necessary. Once meaningful, after that die. Yes, once a week or a month or a year, go to whatever place you like. Make your life meaningful by having fun in a place of recreation that has long been dreamed of to be visited. Lots of fun recreational places that might give you the true meaning of re-creating.

For those of you who like to karaoke, invite your family or friends to release your fatigue by singing happily in the Family Karaoke Masterpiece. 

Get Immediately and Feel Fortunately

Get Immediately and Feel Fortunately

Originally want to find out, credit cards actually have many advantages. Starting from giving bonuses, rewards, to cashback. Moreover, you register as a credit card user for the first time ( First Card ). There are a number of credit cards that you can make a choice.

Every credit card issued by a credit card issuing bank has benefits that you can take advantage of. For those who do not have a credit card, let’s immediately submit and treat yourself with various benefits.