Closing Loan – advantages and rates


Debt-closing loan offers an opportunity to transfer credit and credit card debts at different banks by taking advantage of flexible terms and favorable interest rates. In order to facilitate the payment of ongoing credit and credit card debt payments, you can use the debt settlement loan product under attractive conditions to pay your debts of up to 50,000 dollars. It is sufficient to apply to branches with the necessary documents for loan applications.

Who Can Benefit From Closing Loan?

Who Can Benefit From Closing Loan?

All of the conditions determined for those who can benefit from debt closing loan are intended to ensure that the repayment of the loan can be made in a healthy way. In the loan application to be made to branches, the applicant’s;

  • Having a high credit score,
  • The credit registry is clean,
  • Having life insurance during the loan term,
  • Having a monthly fixed and regular income,
  • Monthly income must be at least 2 times the loan monthly installment amount.

If it meets the conditions, the loan application is approved.

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What are the application documents of Debt Closure Loan?

What are the application documents of Debt Closure Loan?

The documents required in the debt closing loan application are the documents indicating that the requested conditions have been met and the applicant’s address confirmation. For applications to be made to branches, by the bank;

  • Birth certificate,
  • Certified document showing monthly income,
  • Last 2 months subscription invoice for residence or name

It is requested. If necessary, additional documents can be requested for guarantor or mortgage transactions.

Closing Loan Interest Rates

Closing Loan Interest Rates

Loan closing interest rates start at 1.10%. If the interest rates offered within the campaign are accepted, 1.10% interest rate loan can be used with maturities of up to 24 months.

The interest rate determined for debt closing loan is 1.10% valid for up to 24 months and the interest rate for loans used over 24 months is 1.20%.

Some lenders do levy a penalty for preclosing the loan. However, pre-closure at times does help in lowering the interest rates and debt burden. The banks have different lock-in periods before which one can close the loan.

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