Which Bank Can I Get Easy Loans?

Using the online channels of the specified banks, easy loan applications can be made quickly and loans can be withdrawn without the need to go to the bank branch.

Persons asking the question of which bank can I get a loan more easily or can make transactions through any of the above banks.  

Honest Bank Instant Good Credit Features

Honest Bank Instant Good Credit Features

Within the scope of Honest Bank’s easy loan campaign, 30 thousand USD limit loans can be withdrawn. There are no deductions for file costs and account management fees for the loan. The repayments of the loan can be divided into maturities up to 60 months.

It is considered sufficient for people who are not Honest Bank customers to make an appointment to apply for a loan. Bank employees come to the address specified by the appointments and complete their loan application procedures.

For the loan application, only e-government insurance service breakdown and credit rating risk reports are requested. Apart from these documents, it will be sufficient to sign the documents brought by bank officers.

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Honest Bank needs to use online banking services to make easy loan applications. Within the scope of the Sean Cole campaign, a credit limit of up to 30 USD can be requested.

A loan allocation fee of 5% of the loan amount is charged. Up to 60 months maturity can be requested for payment of loan installments.

There is no obligation to be a bank customer to apply for Good Credit . Non-bank customers can complete the loan application by signing documents in the courier sent by Honest Bank.

Good Finance Online Easy Loan Application


Online banking services must be used to make GFI easy loan applications . During the credit application, no documents other than identity card and GFI service breakdown are requested. Within the scope of Good Credit, a credit limit of up to 30 thousand USD is opened for use.+6

A maximum of 60 months maturity can be requested for payments of credit installments. During loan usage, there is no deduction of file expense or loan allocation fee. Documents are sent by courier on behalf of non-bank customers and applicants are requested to sign these documents.

GFI Bank E-Credit Features and Application


GFI E-Credit application is made through internet banking or mobile banking applications . The upper limit of e-credit is determined as 50 thousand USD.

A maximum of 60 months’ maturity can be requested for repayments of credit installments. A loan allocation fee deduction of 5% of the loan amount is made.

No documents will be requested for the loan application except for the identity document and GFI service breakdown.

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